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Long Distance

Interstate household relocation, or so called Long Distance move, has become our specialty through years of experience moving families to another state. By now, we have performed hundreds of packing/moving jobs to states along the East Coast, as well as to the West. We pride ourselves in ability to provide timely expedited service avoiding for the customer to wait 2-3 weeks to receive their household possessions.

Each move varies from another, and the best way to plan a long distance relocation is to have an on-site Estimate done. At the time of Estimate, you, our perspective customer, and our estimator will come up with best strategy for your move. All rate breakdowns and pricing will be presented to you, as well as your final cost at destination.

We pride ourselves in taking all factors into consideration and ability:

1. To present a ‘No Hidden Cost’, fair Estimate.
Referrals are always available to prove that our Estimates match the final cost at destination.

2. Unbeatable Quality of service.
Not a single piece arrived damaged in our over 15 years of experience. We think it’s an excellent proof that we care.

3. Treat our customer like we would like to be treated Рwith honesty and respect.