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Here is a list of a Frequently Asked Questions that we get from our customers. If for some reason you didn’t find the question that you were looking for, please scroll down at the end of this page and feel free to ask us any question via our question form. We will try to get back to you with a answer as soon as possible.

How far in advance do I need to schedule for my move?

Generally, we do need as much notice as possible in order to have the day reserved for your move.

Although, we will make every effort to accommodate your request even at the last moment.

How do you estimate the cost of the move?

Every move is different and rated based on Local or Long Distance cost applications. Local Residential move is Hourly based. Depending on the size of your household, we will determine the manpower required, and the rate is based on ‘per man’/truck/hour cost. Long Distance moves are volume per cu.ft. cost application based. Depending on the distance your household items will travel, we will provide you with the cost to your final destination.

Can you give me an approximate estimate over the phone?

If you provide us with basic or detailed description of your household, whether you will or not be packing boxes yourself, distance, etc. – we will be able to provide you with idea of what your relocation would cost. Please remember, it is always best to have an on-site estimate done. It is more accurate and a no-obligation to you.

What can I do to be better prepared for my move?

First, have your ‘immediate use’ items placed/packed/labeled separately from all other boxes. These items are: clothing, medicine, documents, valuables, etc. By doing so, it will help you to be more organized within first few days after the move. For the rest of your household items, pack them in boxes and label accordingly. Please remember, heavy items (books, dishes, records) require smaller sized boxes.

When should I start packing my boxes?

We always suggest that you start well ahead of time. If you plan on packing yourself, start a few weeks prior to your move. Sort through and discard any unwanted items and pack the rest.

How should I label my boxes?

Unless you want to be an author, please make it easy for yourself and do not write an essay on the box.

Just label it simply – kitchen (K), master bedroom (MBDR), kids bedroom (Child name), dining room (DR), etc.

How do you inventory items on a Long Distance move?

We will keep a descriptive inventory, as well as, label each item with a numbered sticker at the time of pick up. A copy of record will be provided to you for receipt acknowledgement at destination.

Will you be able to pack my household items for me including breakable/fragile items?

We carry a full line of household packing materials/supplies, and have extensive expertise on packing anything and everything in your household, including chandeliers, paintings, vases, clocks, musical instruments, etc.

Will you disassemble my beds, mirrors from dressers, etc. and put back together in my new home?

Yes, we will take care of any disassembly and re-assembly required for satisfactory completion of every move.

Is there a higher rate application if I move on the weekend?

There is no higher rate application for a move scheduled during the weekend.

What is your timing for delivery on the move going out-of-state?

Our goal is to complete every move efficiently and within agreed time frame. We are able to provide Expedited Service for a two-day delivery within a 1200 mile radius from loading location. Longer distance moves would require 3 to 7 days to receive.

Would you be able to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) for my building?

Please have your management company forward their requirements to:

The request for a COI should also reflect your name, apt. number, move date.

Note 1: Please contact us via phone or e-mail shall you have any questions.

Note 2: For more Tips On Packing and steps prior to the move, please refer to Section – Packing Tips.

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If for some reason you didn't find the answer to your question that you were looking for, please feel free to ask us via this question form. We will try to get to back to you with an answer as soon as possible. Thank You.